Hebei xinqidian flax seed oil to give top-notch brand


To provide a healthy culture for the dissemination of green food
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The first

Company as a collection of flax planting, processing, product sales for the integration of agricultural industrialization leading enterprises,Companies keep in mind the purpose of driving the farmers to get rich,Using the "enterprise + village committee + farmers" of the link driven model,Increasing farmers on the base of support, vigorously develop the flax planting base.From the beginning of 2008, the company through pilot demonstration, contact farmers planting organic flax,Seven years of flax planting base area expanded rapidly, has grown to 100000 acres,Directly lead farmers 3615,Lead farmers out of poverty,The company since its inception in 2007, solve the rural employment of more than 2000 people.

Second:Disaster relief donations love

2008 wenchuan earthquake, in yushu earthquake, the company has launched the initiative contributions to affected areas, big love action by the positive response of the company, to wenchuan earthquake disaster area donation of more than tens of thousands of yuan.

Third:Promote home culture

The company is located in zhangjiakou wei state science and technology park, yu county called "wei states", is a place with a long history."Playing tree flower" is a good traditional program in Weixian County, it is said to have had 300 years of history.In order to carry forward the wei county has a long history of culture, promote yu county cultural tourism visibility and influence,Company to "play" tree "" the square construction and zhangjiakou the 2nd art festival of lanterns to donate hundreds of thousands of yuan.

Fourth:Sow hope of love

Company from the factory so far,In order to help the songjiazhuang center elementary school and huangmei township central primary school of poor students to go to school,Every year to two schools for poor students to donate money,Currently funded more than 20 poor students to complete their studies.Maybe our donation is not enough to solve the problem of poor students in two schools,But we hope that we work together, to help poor children on the path of hope.


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