Hebei xinqidian dedicated public nutrition improvement project


To provide a healthy culture for the dissemination of green food
Current position:-English-Operation-Research

Research and development team:

Companies adhere to the concept of scientific and technological innovation driven for a long time, pay attention to r&d, walked out of a given priority to with self-built r&d team, with external scientific research institutes as the auxiliary supporting system for the research and development. Existing research and development team of 12 people, including 2 doctoral, master's graduate students 6 people. With China agricultural university, Beijing forestry university, Chinese academy of agricultural sciences', China oil and protein research center and other institutions to establish long-term relations of cooperation, is a production base in China agricultural university. Based on a complete scientific system, the company has become a domestic flax seed processing application research of leading enterprises.


Research and development and production        

Research results:

The company since its inception, around the center of the deep processing of flax seeds and other raw materials. The development of processing series of products and the research results as soon as possible to realize industrialization, promote the rapid development of flax seed food industry.

 Has become the only high-tech enterprises in the domestic flax seed industry;

 Breakthrough of flaxseed processing field shelling, glue, lignan extracts 16 key element, oil refining, the use of protein, fatty acid separation technology, has won seven national invention patents;

 Developed flaxseed gum, flaxseed lignan), linseed oil, grape seed oil, perilla seed oil, flax acid microcapsule powder, linseed oil soap, high purity linseed protein balance of 50 new products, both in process control and product quality in the world leading level and become the real "flax expert".

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